D’argent à une aigle de gueules, au vol abaissé, membrée, becquée et couronnée d’or, empiétant une montagne de trois coupeaux de sable issant d’une mer d’azur mouvant de la pointe et ondée d’argent.

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 You are here: Home > MIDI music! > Christmas carols from Provence > lyrics Hòu ! de l’oustau ! (Hello! in the house!) Wednesday October 21st 2020, Saint Celine. 

Hòu ! de l’oustau ! listen the Midi file for this traditional music tune score of this traditional tune
(Hello! in the house!)
Lyrics and music by Nicolas Saboly, known as Micoulau Sabòli. Traditional from Provence.
Dialogo de sant Jòusè e l’Oste (dialogue between saint Joseph and the host).

This Christmas carol has been published on 1670 in the 4th book. It appears with number 26 in the Fr. Seguin’s new edition. It is part of the cycle entitled Histori de la naissenso dou Fis de Diou (History of God’s Son birth) made up of the seven carols from #25 to #31.

1st verse
Sant Jòusè
     Hòu ! de l’oustau ! Mèstre, mestresso,
     Varlet, chambriero, ci li a res ?
     Ai deja pica proun de fes
     E res noun vèn ! Quinto rudesso !
     Me siéu deja leva tres cop ;
     S’eiçò duro, dourmirai gaire.
     Qu pico a bas ? Qu’es tout acò ?
     Quau sias ? Que voulès ? Que fau faire ?
 Saint Joseph
     Hello! in the house! Master, Miss,
     Servant, chambermaid, isn’t it nobody here?
     I’ve already knocked at the door several times
     And nothing happens! What a harshness!
The host
     I already got up three times;
     If this lasts, I won’t sleep very long.
     Who is knocking downstairs? What is all of that?
     Who are you? What do you want? What have I to do?

2nd verse
Sant Jòusè
     Moun bon ami, prenès la peno
     De descèndre un pau eiçavau.
     Voudrias louja dins voste oustau,
     Iéu soulamen emé ma femo.
     Vautre sias de troublo-repau ;
     Sias d’aquéstei batur-d’estrado
     Que sounjas rèn qu’à faire mau.
     Adioussias, ma porto es sarrado.
 Saint Joseph
     My good friend, please
     Come down slightly here down.
     I would want to accommodate in your house,
     Me alone with my wife.
The host
     You, you are a “rest disturber”;
     You are from those tramps (1)
     That all they thinks about is doing bad.
     Goodbye (2), my door is shut.

3rd verse
Sant Jòusè
     Nazarèt es nostro patrìo.
     Iéu siéu pas tau que me cresè :
     Siéu fustié, m’apelle Jòusè,
     Ma femo s’apello Marìo.
     Ci li a proun de gènt, vole plus res ;
     Diéu vous done meiour fourtuno !
     Si me cresès, demandarés
     Vount es lou lougis de la Luno.
 Saint Joseph
     Nazareth is our homeland.
     I’m not as you think I am :
     I’m a carpenter, my name is Joseph,
     My wife is Mary.
The host
     Here, there is enough people, I don’t want more;
     [May] God gives you better fortune!
     If you believe me, you will ask
     Where is Moon’s abode.

4th verse
Sant Jòusè
     Retiras-nous, que que nous coste !
     Loujas-nous dins lou galatas ;
     Vous pagaren noste repas
     Coume s’erian à taulo d’oste.
     Voste soupa sara mau cue ;
     Crese que farés pauro chiero ;
     Car, pèr segur, aquesto nue
     Vous loujarés à la carriero.
 Saint Joseph
     Let take us in, never mind the expense!
     Let live us in the garret (3);
     We will pay for the meal
     As if we were at table d’hôte.
The host
     Your soup will be underdone;
     I think you will have a bad meal;
     As, absolutely! this night
     You are going to live in the street.

5th verse
Sant Jòusè
     Nous tratés pas d’aquelo sorto.
     Helas ! Vesès lou tèms que fai !
     Durbès-nous ! S’istas gaire mai,
     Nous troubarés mort à la porto !
     Vosto moulié me fai pieta
     E me rènd un pau plus afable :
     Vous loujarai pèr carita
     Dins un pichot marrit estable.
 Saint Joseph
     Don’t treat us such a way.
     Alas! Look at the weather!
     Let open us! If you stay (4) a few more,
     You will find us dead at your door!
The host
     I feel sorry for your wedded wife
     And she makes me a little more affable:
     I’ll live you for charity’s sake
     In a bad small cowshed.

1. Estrado: lane; batur d’estrado: scouring the countryside, tramp, vagrant.
2. Adicias or adioucias (adioussias): literally “with God may you be”; familiar greeting term, equivalent of “goodbye”, “farewell”.
3. Galatas: the highest room in a house, serving as boxroom for broken down furniture. Garret, hovel.
4. Ista: to reside, to live, to stay, to remain... Here, understand “if you remain on your last words...”

• Saboly (Nicolas), Histori de la naissenso dou Fis de Diou composado en noé (History of God’s Son birth composed in Christmas carols), Pierre Offray printer, Avignon, 1670, p. 4-6.
• Recueil des noëls composés en langue provençale (Collection of Christmas carols composed in Provençal language), reprint Fr. Seguin, printer and bookseller, Avignon, 1856, p. 30.


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