D’argent à une aigle de gueules, au vol abaissé, membrée, becquée et couronnée d’or, empiétant une montagne de trois coupeaux de sable issant d’une mer d’azur mouvant de la pointe et ondée d’argent.

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About fife from Nice - The musical traditions from County of Nice (MTCN)Traditional music from County of Nice (France)
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 You are here: Home > MIDI music! > Popular songs > lyrics San-Rouman-de-Belet (Saint-Roman-de-Bellet). Saturday August 15th 2020, Saint Mary (Assumption, VJ Day). 

San-Rouman-de-Belet listen the Midi file for this traditional music tune score of this traditional tune
Traditional from County of Nice.

Saint-Roman-de-Bellet is one of the hills surrounding Nice, where is produced –in small quantities– the AOC wine classification of the County of Nice.

1st verse
Au soubran d’una couòla
Emplida d’óulivié,
Lou soulèu endaura
La souca li es mestressa
En milanta plantié,
La terra n’es proumessa
Per faire un vin princié.
 At the top of a hill
Filled with olive trees,
The sun tinges with gold
The [vine] stock is main there
By numerous plants,
The soil is destined
For a princely wine.

Vin de Belet, lou tiéu renoum
A passat lou terraire.
Vin de Belet, embé rasoun
Cadun lauda lou tiéu noum.
Vin de Belet, cada sesoun
Au tiéu gust fen óumage.
En cada luèc, cada cantoun
Si vuèlhon gòtou fin au founs.
 Wine from Bellet, your renown
Has gone past the land.
Wine from Bellet, with reason
Everyone praises your name.
Wine from Bellet, each season
To your taste is paid tribute.
In each place, each corner
The glasses are emptied to the very bottom.

2nd verse
Lou jou de la vendemia
L’óudour dòu moust es rèi.
Lou raìn, sensa pena,
Devendrà de vin vièlh.
Li crota soun garnidi
De bouta, boutarèu,
E li tini emplidi
D’aquèu bouòn jus nouvèu.
 On grape harvest day
The smell of the must is queen.
The grape, easily,
Will become old wine.
The cellars are covered
By barrels, kegs,
And the vats filled
With this good new juice.

3rd verse
Una fes en la crota,
Estramudat e clar,
Aquèu vin cerca fouòrça,
Coulour, gust, nectar.
Lu boutarèu soun gounfle
E semblon asperà
D’aquèu jou lou triounfle
Coura si tasterà.
 Once in the cellar,
Decanted and clear,
This wine seeks strength,
Colour, taste, nectar.
The casks are swelled
And seem to wait
Of this day the triumph
When it will be tasted.

• revue Lou Sourgentin, Nice, n° 174, décembre 2006, p. 38.


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