D’argent à une aigle de gueules, au vol abaissé, membrée, becquée et couronnée d’or, empiétant une montagne de trois coupeaux de sable issant d’une mer d’azur mouvant de la pointe et ondée d’argent.

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About fife from Nice - The musical traditions from County of Nice (MTCN)Traditional music from County of Nice (France)
Viva la pesca ! dins A lou fifre nissart - Li tradicioun musicali de la countéa de Nissa (MTCN)   Viva la pesca ! dans Au fifre niçois - Les traditions musicales du comté de Nice (MTCN)  Other langages
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Viva la pesca ! listen the Midi file for this traditional music tune score of this traditional tune
(Long live the fishing!)
Nissart lyrics by François-Dominique Rondelly, known as Menica Rondelly. Traditional from County of Nice.
Tune Lou Festin dei verna.

1st verse
Ah ! Si metten toui en camin,
La matinada es bella !
Sounen Jausé, Louis, Goustin,
Touta la ribambella.
 Ah! We all set out,
The morning is beautiful!
Let’s call Joseph, Louis, Augustine,
The whole flock.

Chorus 1
En ran, en ran,
E toui la cana en man,
Lou cavagnóu passat au bras,
Pi lou salabre de cousta. (twice)
Lou gran capèu e l’esca,
Parten toui per la pesca !
Parten, parten,
Parten toui per la pesca !
 In ranks, in ranks,
And all with the fishing rod in the hand,
The basket slipped on the arm,
Then the landing net by the side. (twice)
The great hat and the bait,
Let’s all go to fishing!
Let’s go, let’s go,
Let’s all go to fishing!

2nd verse
Coura serèn sus lu roucas
O ben soubre la plaia,
Toujou alert, jamai las,
En ligna de bataia,
 When we will be on the rocks
Or on the beach,
Always nimble, never weary,
Lined up for the battle,

Chorus 2
Qu liguerà
Li lensa, lu mousclà !
E pi cadun dòu cavagnóu
N’en sourtirà cenque li fòu. (twice)
Qu manja, ri, s’enroca,
Li ven la babarota !
Li ven, li ven,
Li ven la babarota !
 Each tries to tie
The fishing lines, the hooks!
And then everybody from his basket
Will take out what he needs. (twice)
To whom eats, laughs, wedges himself between the rocs,
Comes to him the chatter!
Comes to him, comes to him,
Comes to him the chatter!

3rd verse
Que d’esprepau, que de plesi,
De bounimen per rire !
Finda lou pei que va fregì
Si touorse dòu delire !
 What a lot of silly remarks, what a pleasure,
What a lot of pretend sales talk!
Even the fish which is going to fry
Is creased up with frenzy!

Chorus 3
E la mar blu,
D’audì tant de tohu,
Souspira per voulé durmì,
Un lac d’oli devenì. (twice)
Es un ciel d’allegressa
Que lou souléu caressa,
Que lou, que lou,
Que lou souléu caressa.
 And the blue sea,
By earing such a hubbub,
Sighs to want to sleep,
[To want] an oil lake to become. (twice)
It’s an elation sky
That the sun is caressing,
That the, that the,
That the sun is caressing.

4th verse
Capoun, saran, sera, blavié,
Esperlin, sarpanansa,
De gireloun e de rouquié
Faren granda matansa.
 Scorpenes, sea perches, saws, labroids,
Sea breams, sarpanansa,
Small rainbow wrasses and labrids
We will slaughter.

Chorus 4
A quauque pas pu luen,
Soubre doui peira, en un cantoun,
Lou pu rustic fugairoun. (twice)
Soubre la fresc’ erbetta
Faren toui la dineta,
Faren, faren,
Faren toui la dineta.
 We prepare
A few steps farther,
On two stones, in a corner,
The most rustic of the hearths. (twice)
On the fresh small grass
We will have a bite to eat,
We will have, we will have,
We will have a bite to eat.

5th verse
Coura la luna fa pounchin
E que lou pei s’entana,
Arangeren me gran souin
Lu cavagnóu, li cana.
 When the moon shows up
And the fish hide in its lair,
We will arrange with great care
The baskets, the fishing rods.

Chorus 5
À Nissa toui ensen,
Jouious, countent mai qu’un rei,
Lu cavagnóu toui plen de pei. (twice)
Plesi d’amour si mescla,
Criden : « Viva la pesca ! »
Criden, criden,
Criden : « Viva la pesca ! »
 We will go back
To Nice all together,
Joyous, happy more than a king,
All the baskets full of fishes. (twice)
Love pleasure is getting mixed,
We shout: “Long live the fishing!”
We shout, we shout,
We shout: “Long live the fishing!”

     • Tosan (Albert), Princivalle (Gaël) and d’Hulster (Frédéric), Anthologie de la chanson du comté de Nice (Anthology of the Song from County of Nice), Nice, Serre publisher, series “Encyclopædia niciensis – Patrimoine régional”, volume III, 2001, p. 272.


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