D’argent à une aigle de gueules, au vol abaissé, membrée, becquée et couronnée d’or, empiétant une montagne de trois coupeaux de sable issant d’une mer d’azur mouvant de la pointe et ondée d’argent.

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About fife from Nice - The musical traditions from County of Nice (MTCN)Traditional music from County of Nice (France)
Au masage dins A lou fifre nissart - Li tradicioun musicali de la countéa de Nissa (MTCN)   Au masage dans Au fifre niçois - Les traditions musicales du comté de Nice (MTCN)  Other langages
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 You are here: Home > MIDI music! > Christmas carols from County of Nice > lyrics Au masage (In the hamlet). Monday January 25th 2021, St. Paul's conversion. 

Au masage listen the Midi file for this traditional music tune score of this traditional tune
(In the hamlet)
Nissart lyrics by Joseph Giordan, music written down by Albert Blanchi. Traditional from County of Nice.

1st verse
Barba Glaudou ! Cousin Miquèu !
Sautas dau lièch e venès lèu ;
Anas sounar la parentella :
Vèni pèr v’anounçar un’urousa nouvella.
 Uncle (1) Claude! Cousin Michael!
Leap out of bed and come quickly;
Go and call relatives:
I come to announce you an happy news.

2nd verse
Cresès-vous toui ce que vous diéu :
Esta nuèch, es naissut un Diéu !
S’es averat la proufessïa,
Hosanna ! Hosanna ! Es vengut lou Messïa !
 Believe all of you what I’m saying:
Last night, a God was born!
It turned out, the prophecy,
Hosanna! Hosanna! He came, the Messiah!

3rd verse
Doun avèn avastat, amount,
Durmavan dintre d’un baumoun
Quoura auderian – noun es de faula –
Un ange n’en cantar esti belli paraula :
 Where we have driven the livestock (2), up there,
We were sleeping in a small cave
When we heard – it’s not a story –
An angel singing us these beautiful words:

4th verse
« Ralegras-vous, o bravi gènt,
Enanas-v’en à Betelèn ;
Troverès dintre d’un estable
Lou Bambin qu’asperas, l’Enfant Diéu adourable. »
 “Delight, oh nice people,
Go to Bethlehem;
You will find in a cowshed
The small child you are waiting, the sweet baby God.”

5th verse
Sus-lou-côu, mi siéu avïat,
Bèn que foussi mau dervihat ;
En courrènt, e sautant li riba,
Siéu vengut, fin aqui, vous countar ce qu’arriba.
 Outright, I get moving (3),
Though I was badly awaked;
Runing, and jumping over banks,
I came, as far as here, to relate you what is happening.

6th verse
— Se menchounes, pichoun capoun,
Tasteras de côu de bastoun.
— Noun ! Noun ! Noun ! Cresès-lou-vous pura,
Lou bouon Diéu es naissut e la nova es segura.
 — If you are lying, little rascal,
You will taste stick blows.
— No! No! No! Believe it yet,
The good Lord was born, and the news is sure.

7th verse
— S’es ensida, tu, Madalin,
Pouorte-li de peas de lin
Au Bambin, Sauvadou dôu mounde,
Qu’umblamen, tra lu pastre, en la grùpia s’escounde.
 — If it’s the case, you, Magdalen,
Bring him linen swaddling clothes
To the baby, Saviour of the world,
Who, humbly, among shepherds, in the crib is hiding.

8th verse
— Iéu, li douni’n vaset de mèu
Emé doui bèi gigot d’agnèu.
— Iéu, li pouorti de brous de fea
E, per que vegue clar, quauqu esteloun de tea.
 — I, I give him a small pot of honey
With two beautiful legs of lamb.
— I, I bring him ewe’s milk cheese
And, so that he sees well, some sticks (4).

9th verse
— Li oufrèn doui douzena d’ôu
E, de poum, un gros cavagnôu ;
De l’aver, la pu fina lana,
E, pèr lou bèn tapar, li pourtèn una vana.
 — We give him two dozens eggs
And, of apples, a large basket;
From the herd, the finest wool,
And, to well cover him, we bring him an eiderdown.

10th verse
— Teresoun ! Tu que parles bèn,
Li faras un bèu coumplimèn :
Li presenteras lu ôumage
Dei paisan e pastour dôu nouostre vuèi masage.
 — Tiresias! You who well speak,
You will pay him a nice compliment:
You will present him respects
Of peasants and shepherds from our old hamlet.

1. Barba: uncle; by extension, this name is given to anybody growing old.
2. Avastà or avastar: to drive the animals to the fields or pastures, at night, and sleep there.
3. Avià or aviar: to set off for the fields, to make one’s way, to leave.
4. Esteleta or esteloun: stick of wood; tea: twig of resinous wood used to light.

• revue Nice historique, Nice, n° 6, 1922, p. 169-170.


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